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February #YouAreLOVED drive

For the month of February 2021, we are doing a #YouAreLoved drive to spread message of love and smiles for all in need especially those who are homeless.

We Wish to send a special box to our Veterans as well.

Share a kind message, an uplifting thought and lots of love to make someone's day.

Here are some ideas of what you can write about. Some of these suggestions come from our wonderful smile ambassadors who have been sending cards to us!

  1. Make it direct from heart. #artfromheart

  2. Write a quote! Whether it is about motivation, something uplifting or just something that inspired you!

  3. If you are not a Picasso ( we are not!) , no worries, you just need to make it with good vibes

  4. Just be you nd have fun!

  5. Involve family and friends by letting them know, its always more fun when we do a team project. We understand with Pandemic, zoom meetings or online video chats may be the right way to stay together, while being apart!

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