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Project Smile AZ Food Drives 

What its about....

Our food drives help people in need around the world provide food for themselves by packing care packages of non perishable food items and collaborating with other not for profits on delivery solutions.
We are trying our hardest to reduce poverty and make more people smile which is why we need your help!!

How you can help...

Donating non perishable food items or money is a great way to directly support our cause. (We can coordinate pickups if you are local or you could contact us on our instagram page @projectsmileaz regarding specifics).If you want to take your support for our project even further, you can organize a local fundraiser or food packing event with some friends to pack a bunch of food together. 

We are collecting school snacks for youth in need.  Please donate though our Amazon wish list below.

We need

1. Snack cereal bar/granola bars

2. Healthy nuts/trail mix individual packs

3. Fruit snacks

Food Delivery
PS food drive.jpg

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