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Card Drive

What its about....

Our card drives help make people around the world smile through motivational messages. We started our drive by helping those who couldn't see their families because of the lockdown status at hospital.

We have now expanded to giving cards to seniors, veterans and front line workers as well. Though this part of the project we have built something recognized by media around the world. Join our card division to be a part of something bigger through your creativity. We know you got this :)


How you can help...

In order for us to make more people smile we need your help...(we believe in you :)) Anyway back on topic... there are many things you can do to help us with our card drives. Making cards at home with whatever supplies you have is a great way to support. (We can coordinate pickups if you are local or you could contact us on our instagram page @projectsmileaz). The core of our project is to send motivational messages. Have fun making cards with a group and doing a cardathon! Or simply enjoy it  by yourself!

Check out the website FAQs for some common questions about what to include in the cards.

Not a Picasso, don't worry, just have fun and be you! 


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