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So you chose the Smile Kit drive?
Nice :)

kits pollination.jpg

What its about....

Bring joy and smiles to youth by sharing art supplies, packed as a smile kit. It gives opportunity to thos who are unable to afford supplies, be a part of Project Smile AZ family. Not only does the kit bring smile to the person who receive it, but the cards made using supplies bring many more smiles! Its a win-win!!

How you can help...

Prepare a kit by putting the following in a Gallon Size Ziplock

  • Cardstock (around 10)

  • Crayons ( 24 crayon pack)

  • Color pencils ( 12 color pencil pack)

  • Markers ( 8-10 marker set)

  • Stickers (optional, non religious)

DM us on our IG to coordinate pickups if you are local or mail them to us.

Feel free to send donations through our Amazon Wishlist


If you want to take your support for our project even further, you can organize a local fundraiser or kit packing event with some friends to pack the kits together. 

2 Smile art kit prepared with supplies = 1 volunteer hour


So... here are your options..... click the blue button to go back to exactly where you came from or take the red one if you would like to continue......

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