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Project Smile AZ Care Packages :)

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What its about....

We make care packages on various themes. these can include hygiene kits, blanket drives, water bottle drives to help anyone in need.

We are currently making Dental hygiene kits for youth in need till December 2021

How you can help...

We are sharing care packages  to those in need. 

Currently we are doing

Dental hygiene kit drive. You can make one by packing following in a gallon size ziploc bag

  • Full size toothpaste or 2 travel size toothpaste

  • Toothbrush

  • Kindness Note (4x6 card with a kindness message)

( Remember the last time you went to a dentist and got the goodie bag that you did nothing with! Here is a chance to share it with someone in need!)


Donating  personal hygiene items, blankets, socks or money is a great way to directly support our cause.


Preparing 5 Dental hygiene kits =1 volunteer hour


So... here are your options..... click the blue button to go back to exactly where you came from or take the red one if you would like to continue......

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