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New Year, New Beginnings

I have a dream...

I often wonder what if that dinner table talk we hadn't had a spark to make a change...Project Smile AZ wouldn't have been born. It was nothing more than two boys who wanted to make a difference and felt passionate about what they wanted to do.

Now more than 60000 smiles later, we are more inspired by our WHY..which is to make people around us happy and make our community happy.

A straight and simple journey would be no fun! But remember for every nine nos, there is one yes, and be patient for that. We reached out and emailed and called hundreds of friends and neighbors to join us for bringing smiles. It won't be wrong to say that we have failed as many times or more than we have succeeded.

In less than 3 years we have shared different opportunities to make a difference and we are going to have more ways to bring smiles under our "volunteer" section. We would love to get some ideas from you. So take a moment and think of what your passion is, why you want to make a difference and how you want to do it. DM us and we can't wait to hear your ideas to help you bring more smiles.

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