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Raising the bar against childhood hunger

Did you ever wonder how many youth around you in school may not have a healthy snack to eat?

We won't bore you with the statistics but know that it is astonishingly more common and in many states as much as 1 in 4 !!

So we took on the challenge to bring smiles to youth in need with healthy snack options for the school days so they can focus on education!

Here is how you can help :

In a gallon-size ziplock or a recyclable bag put 7 snacks ( include some options that are nut free!!!). Some examples include

Nuts/trail mix

Fruit Snack Goldfish/cheez-its (savory snack)

Snack bars (like kind bars or similar) Snack bars like fig bars/Nutri-Grain to keep soft chew options for younger kids.

Include a kindness smile card and you are ready to "Raise the bar"against Childhood hunger with us. To date, we have shared 5000 snacks to youth in need in 2022 alone! You can make a difference by donating a box of snacks. It starts with one!!!

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