Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can make a card?

A: Anyone that wants to make a difference in a patient’s life can make cards for us :) Our youngest participants have been a few months old babies(helped by their parents). We request anyone who is making the cards, to wash their hands well before making them and keep them hygienic. If you or anyone around you is sick, then please wait to make cards till you are all better.

Q: What all themes are you making the cards on?

A: We are making cards on many themes

  • Motivational cards for hospitalized patients

  • Gratitude cars thanking essential workers

  • Hope cards for cancer patients

  • Kindness cards for homeless people.

Feel free to send cards for any theme, and we love to hear from you on any suggestions you have, after all, YOU are part of Project Smile AZ!


Q: How do we send cards?

A: Cards can be sent to our PO box or locally coordinated through our Facebook or Instagram page. To keep the cards safe, consider putting them in Ziploc before mailing them. It would be great if you can send envelopes, we always need envelopes! We use about 400-500 envelopes a month! Please don't seal the envelopes (Yes, we read through each card before we send them out!!! They bring us smiles too :)

Our Mailing address is

Project Smile AZ

P.O. Box 10477


AZ 85318


Q: What should be written in the cards?

A: Anything that you think is inspirational can be put in the cards to make a difference in someone's world :) Write Uplifting messages like 

  • Be brave

  • Stay Strong

  • You are amazing

  • You Rock

  • You are awesome

  • We believe in you


We often use inspiring life quotes from famous people in quotation marks.  Please avoid including religious or faith-based quotes or ‘sending prayers’, as they may not be acceptable to all patients.


You can find many creative ideas on 100s of posts on our  FB and IG page.

Most of all, just be you! And spread Smiles :) :) :)


It would be awesome if you can sign your cards with "your first name, for Project Smile AZ" ( like John for Project Smile AZ)

Q: When can you send them?

A: Send them whenever you can. We try donating about twice a month. Please follow us on our FB or IG to know any special deadlines so we can deliver on time for themed/season cards.

Q: Can we send holiday or seasonal cards?

A: Yes, holiday or seasonal cards are welcome. The core of our project is to send motivational messages to patients and we wish to focus on that as much as possible. So you can use seasonal or holiday motifs and focus on sending motivational messages. 

Q: Can my company or corporation make cards for Project Smile AZ?

A: Yes, Anyone can contribute. Please avoid using your company logo or name in the cards as many hospitals have a non-soliciting policy and they may refuse the cards. 

Q: How can we contribute to the mask drive?

A:  You can contribute unused new cloth masks to the mask drive by sending them to our PO box. Home-made or store-bought are both useful. We prefer cloth masks as they are reusable and environmentally friendly.

Q: Are you doing a food drive now?

A: Please follow us on our Facebook page Facebook/projectsmileaz or Instagram for the most up-to-date current events. We will post about any upcoming food drive there.

Q: Tell us about the book drive?

A: We are collecting gently used books with the theme of #ReduceReuseRecycle and #education empowers for kids who need them. We are partnering with many organizations and you may also donate a new book if you like through our amazon wish list.