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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What all is Project smile AZ doing?

A: Our goal is to spread smiles to all A2Z, especially to create a positive impact on the mental, physical, and environmental well-being of anyone in need.  Check out  these NEW activities in 2024 that we added! Check out our 'Volunteer' Section to learn more about the details of all the activities we are doing.  

 1. Card Making: This is what started the project! Handmade hygienically made cards to bring smiles and help the mental health of those in need. We are making cards for various themes (Motivational cards, Gratitude cards, Kindness cards, Birthday Cards, Hope Cards, and Cards for Veterans)

2. Literacy drive: We are collecting gently used books to donate to kids in need. You can do a drive in your neighborhood/school/church or simply clean your room!! DM us to see how to coordinate a pick-up if you are in Greater Phoenix Area. You can donate new books through our amazon Wishlist. See under the volunteer section or under the blog to learn more.

3. Smile  Art kits for kids: We make kits with art supplies for kids who are less fortunate. Each kit contains cardstock, markers, crayons, colored pencils, stickers, etc. You may do a drive for donations of any of the supplies or make kits!

4. Raise the Bar Food Drive: we are doing snack drives for teens at risk who need school snacks. You can donate through our Amazon Wishlist.

5. Dental Hygiene Kits: for youth in need. 

6. Gamers4Hope Collecting sports equipment for children in need and more!

7. Kindness rocks: Messages of kindness written on rocks using eco-friendly colors.

8. Miles of Smiles- trail Clean ups: Let's keep our neighborhoods and cities clean, and help the environment by picking up trash from anywhere you go. Scheduled events are posted regularly.

9. Mask Drive: on hold  ( thankfully with the pandemic being finally over!)

10.  Read4All: Help literate students who cannot afford books or read by reading to them!

Q: Can we get volunteer hours for our service?

A: Yes! It's a great project to do virtually from your own home/school/neighborhood/church group/ Scout activity/ NJHS or NHS activity. (We

cannot verify court-assigned hours). Please allow us to receive prepared cards before we will verify hours. 


Please submit your 2024 volunteer hours HERE

If you have a volunteer form/document from a school or other organization, please email it with your details and date and time of service to for supervisor signature. The completed form will be e-mailed back to you.​

We respectfully ask for your honesty in reporting appropriate hours according to the effort put in. 

Q: What are the requirements for the card?

A:  Please note that we appreciate each and every card you send, however based on sending thousands of cards, here is the input we have received to make the best possible cards for the recipients.

We believe it is an honor to receive the card so we wish to make the best possible card for anyone receiving them. 

  1. Please note to keep things uniform we require a minimum of 5 good quality cards per hour verified. Please send us cards in multiples of 5. We will round it down to the nearest 5.

  2. Each card folded should fit into an A5 or A9 envelope. ( A standard card stock cut into half and then folded or a  sheet of cardstock folded into half. Imagine a store-bought greeting card !). One-sided cards ( not folded) are not acceptable.

  3. Made on good quality thick cardstock. ( Do not make cards on blank white printer paper, index cards, or construction paper)

  4. The front of the card should be artistic or include a good message/stickers

  5. The inside should contain a motivational quote. For example: “ Courage is not the strength to go on but going on when you don’t have the strength”, “Believe you can and you are halfway there”,“ Hope is the passion for what's possible”, and “ The brightest stars shine in the darkest night”

  6. Sign with your ‘first name for Project smile AZ’( John for Project Smile AZ) or simply ‘Project Smile AZ’

  7. We always appreciate envelopes with the cards, please do not seal the envelopes and send the cards and envelopes separately so we can verify. It takes us more time to take out and look at each and every card.

  8. Please do not include any religious quotes or send prayers as these are not acceptable to many and we wish to remain respectful to all.

  9. Please do not write ‘get well soon' or ‘feel better’ as many of these cards may go to someone with a terminal illness and many hospitals request that such terms not be included.

  10. If you are sending cards on various themes, please put a post-it on the card for the theme, it helps us to sort them out.

  11. Have fun and be yourself! Thank you for choosing to make a card.

  12. Please do not send us store-bought cards

Q: Can I share pictures from my volunteer activity?

A: Absolutely! we love to share and highlight our project team, after all, we are in it together! Please email us this signed media release form. For Mobile users, it is the pdf button at the bottom of the page.


Q: What all themes are you making the cards on?

A: We are making cards on many themes

  • SMILE CARDS: Messages spreading smiles for anyone in need. Our favorite theme!

  • Motivational cards for hospitalized patients.

  • Gratitude cards thanking essential workers.

  • Kindness cards for homeless people.

  • Hope Cards for cancer patients.  We have partnered with the American Cancer Society to share hope messages and Love notes!

  • Cards for Veterans: Thank a veteran on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, or any day!! We regularly donate to Veterans across the nation. Choose a red, blue, and white color theme and show your gratitude. Please do not indicate a specific occasion (unless holiday card drive) as we share them periodically throughout the year.

  • Birthday Cards: for sharing with anyone in need especially youth to bring a smile on their special day.

Feel free to send cards for any theme, and we love to hear from you on any suggestions you have, after all, YOU are part of Project Smile AZ!


Q: How do we send cards?

A: Cards can be sent to our PO box or locally coordinated through our Facebook or Instagram page. To keep the cards safe, consider putting them in Ziploc before mailing them. It would be great if you can send envelopes, we always need envelopes! We use about 400-500 envelopes a month! Please don't seal the envelopes (Yes, we read through each card before we send them out!!! They bring us smiles too :) and keep the envelopes and cards separate so we can sort the different themes.

Our Mailing address is

Project Smile AZ

P.O. Box 10477


AZ 85318

We are very excited to share that we are now part of the Give Back Box program. You can mail us a bulk donation at the address below in a recycled box of upto 50 lbs for just $20 by simply printing a label through the GIVEBACK BOX program:

Project Smile AZ

6635 W Happy Valley Road Suite A104

Number 150

Glendale, AZ 85310


Q: Who can make a card?

A: Anyone that wants to make a difference in a patient’s life can make cards for us :) Our youngest participants have been a few months old babies(helped by their parents) and our oldest is 92 years old! We request anyone who is making the cards, wash their hands well before making them and keep them hygienic. If you or anyone around you is sick, please wait to make cards until you are all better.

Q: Can we send holiday or seasonal cards?

A: Yes, holiday or seasonal cards are welcome.

The next theme is Smile cards to bring a happy smile to anyone. Our goal is to reach 50,000 cards this year!

The core of our project is to send motivational messages to patients and we wish to focus on that as much as possible. So you can use seasonal or holiday motifs and focus on sending motivational messages.  

Q: Can my company or corporation make cards for Project Smile AZ?

A: Yes, Anyone can contribute. Please avoid using your company logo or name in the cards as many hospitals have a non-soliciting policy and they may refuse the cards. 

Q: How can we contribute to the Kits for kids?

A:  You can collect and donate art supplies like

  • cardstock

  • crayons

  • color pencils

  • markers

  • stickers

  • Optional items -construction paper, scrapbooking supplies, precut shapes, paints etc

You may buy them off our Amazon Wishlist or feel free to bargain shop like we do to find a good deal and email us to coordinate a pick-up!

For Mobile user the Wishlist is at the bottom of this page.

Q: Tell us about the book drive?

A: We are collecting gently used books with the theme of #ReduceReuseRecycle and #education empowers kids who need them. We are partnering with many organizations and you may also donate a new book if you like through our amazon wish list.  We are in need of recyclable bags for sharing the books. 

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