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Why do you Give?

Giving and sharing with others is what makes us better, and the world better!

As Smile Sparks for GivingTuesday sparks, we have taken up 2 challenges together 1 on 1 for 11/30/ 2021, the Giving Tuesday!

Pravneet and I usually agree on what we do, but this time we couldn't agree on one project, but then we thought why do one when you can double the impact with 2!

Please join us this giving season on sharing more smiles!

Challenge 1: The 300 challenge of making 300 book bags with 3 books each to share with kids for the literacy drive. New or gently used books would be perfect!

Challenge 2: Dental hygiene kits for teens in need. We need 100 FULL-SIZE toothpaste and 100 individually packed toothbrushes, 1 of each packed in a ziplock bag, with a kindness motivational card suitable for teens.

How can you help? Just donate one book or one toothbrush or 1 card or ziploc bag...anything and everything helps!

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