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500 more smiles! Together WE can, and WE DID!

(Picture: Pravneet Chadha, leading the book drive)

Thank you everyone for generously supporting the book drive!

We learned some hard facts about the need for education, especially during the pandemic with distance learning, and how we all can help out the community!

Did you know, that 80% of preschool and after-school programs serving low-income populations in the USA have no age-appropriate books for their children? (

This was shocking to us living in the US. We realized that there is so much to do right here , for friends in need. Thank you everyone for joining the book drive! We exceeded our goal of 500 and finally got 587 to share with Kids Need To Read Thank you for making the book drive a success doing it purely online and with support from Project Smile AZ supporters like YOU! YOU are making a difference

If you would like to give away any books throughout the year, feel free to DM us and send our way your gently used books or new books to share!! We are continuing to accept gently used books throughout the year for benefiting organizations in need.

Every book counts and our amazon wish list is still active at

Until next time, Keep sharing smiles!

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