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Read2All Club

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What its about....

Read2All Club is dedicated to inspiring underserved children with a love of reading.

We wish to spread positivity and read books that encourage kindness, inspire youth to do more, and be inclusive.

How you can help...

Make a YouTube video of you reading your favorite childhood book  (specially one that is focused on inclusivity, kindness, and empathy) aloud and share it with us for our YouTube channel to spread literacy and inspire a love of reading to those in need.

To submit a video, please email us at

Or Join our virtual Read2all club every 4th Saturday of the month through a zoom link. Sign up to join as a reader. Volunteer hours will be verified for those participating as a reader. Zoom meetings will be recorded to share on our Youtube Channel.

So... here are your options..... click the blue button to go back to exactly where you came from or take the red one if you would like to continue......

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