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So you chose the mask drives? Nice :)

What its about....

During pandemic, masks have been very important for those who are vulnerable to getting sick, especially cancer patients. We have shared thousands of masks so far with anyone in need. 


How you can help...

We are sharing masks to anyone in need especially cancer patients who remain more prone to get sick from infections. There are many things you can do to help us with our mask drives. Donating new reusable cloth masks,  store bought masks or money is a great way to directly support our cause. (We can coordinate pickups if you are local or you could contact us on our instagram page @projectsmileaz regarding specifics).

Mask Drive is currently on hold as thankfully the Pandemic is better. Please consider another activity to volunteer.


So... here are your options..... click the blue button to go back to exactly where you came from or take the red one if you would like to continue......

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